Neon Light Signs

Neon Lights Attract Attention

It has long been known by exciting towns like Las Vegas that neon lights create excitement. Las Vegas was called the “neon capital of the world”. How many actors and actresses have dreamed of having their name in neon lights on Broadway? Neon Signs, Neon Lights and LED signs all have one thing in common – bright lights and excitement. You too can bring some excitement by adding neon signs to your store windows. The bright lights naturally draw people. Imagine yourself as a customer in an unfamiliar town. One store has a bright neon sign saying “Open” or “Welcome” and the other store does not. Which one would you approach first?

 Flashing Neon Signs Command Attention

Imagine yourself walking down a street when all of a sudden you see a flash out of the corner of your eye. “What was that?” you think. Do you bother to look or can you keep yourself from looking? If you are like most people, you will look to see what just flashed and you notice a flashing neon Coffee sign. At first you might be relieved it wasn’t anything dangerous and then you might well think how good a cup of coffee would be right about now. Your thoughts continue, “What the heck, it is a beautiful day and I might as well take a coffee break! My boss wouldn’t mind if he knew. The caffeine will probably make me work faster. What is that inside the store – a Fresh Bagels neon sign? A nice, fresh bagel would be perfect with my coffee!” This is how stores sell products. Shouldn’t you get a neon sign today?

Scrolling Message LED Signs Give You Flexibility 

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to attract customers or simply display a message. The brightness of LED signs and neon signs are just what you need to get people’s attention. If you want to be able to change the message, you may want to look into getting a Scrolling Message LED sign. The scrolling message LED signs offer you the flexibility to reprogram the sign so that you can change the message to whatever you want at anytime and change it back to the original message if you so desire. Many LED Scrolling Message signs can be put on a counter top or in a window. Some, like the Sun Buster 4 characters are designed to be put in windows that have strong sunlight.

Importance Of Neon Signs at Night 

Have you ever been out late at night driving in your car and suddenly you realize how hungry you were? You know that there is nothing good to eat at home. You are not that familiar with this area of town. What do you do? As you kick into survival mode and begin your hunt for food, your eyes quickly notice a sign in a window. It’s a poster sign, but what does it say? As you get closer, you realize it is an old “Rocky” picture poster. Irritated that you won’t find food here, you move on. Next you notice a brightly lit neon sign. No mistaking, you have hit pay dirt. Yes, this store has a brightly lit Hamburger neon sign in the window. Now you say a quick prayer that they are open. And what to your wondering eyes does appear but a big, bright animated OPEN LED sign in the window clearly indicating that this establishment is open! Life is good! Before you go in to claim your food and beverage, you take a moment to reflect on how you got to this store. These neon light signs and animated LED signs attracted you like a magnet to this store. You were happy to find it and more than willing, if not anxious, to open your wallet and give this store your money in exchange for this precious food. Shouldn’t you consider purchasing neon signs and animated LED signs for your store to draw in customers both day and night? The one-time expenditure of investment capital for a business neon sign can pay off for years to come.

 Shop On The Internet For Neon Signs and LED signs

In the old days not so awfully long ago, you had look in the Yellow Pages to find a sign shop and call them to see if you could have a sign made. It might be a one-man shop and have more business than he can handle; or since he was a monopoly, he can charge what the market will bear. Now days, however, with the convenience of the Internet, you can shop from the comfort of your home and order your signs online. Neon signs and LED light signs can be delivered direct to your home or business with shipping guarantees. If the neon sign or LED sign breaks during shipment, the company can replace the sign at no cost to you. Since signs are shipped internationally, the manufacturing facility is bigger and more cost effective. This economy of scale allows lower costs to be passed on to the customer. While many companies claim to pass on savings to customers, competition can mandate that lower costs be passed on to customers. There is one thing that customers need to be a little careful of, however. In this quest for lower cost and the cheapest signs, be careful not to sacrifice quality. Some companies have gone overseas to utilize cheaper labor. We are all aware of stories involving foreign countries cutting corners on quality in many product areas. Neon signs built in the USA have higher quality and safety standards than foreign-made products. You should keep this in mind when you are considering purchasing a foreign-made sign just because it is $30 less than a sign made by US workers right here in our country. Not only are you helping employ your fellow Americans, but you may well avoid burning your shop down because of the faulty wiring of foreign made signs.

Neon Clocks And Neon Sculptures Add Flair To Your Game Room

While accessorizing your home with Bar neon signs, don't forget a very economical and cool affect that neon sculptures and neon clocks can add to your home or business. The neon clocks come with many different logo designs. The neon sculptures have many unique shapes. Something for everyone.

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